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Technical Product Manager

Who are we?

At Vindicia, we help companies bill, care for, and manage the subscriptions they provide and keep their subscribers connected to the subscriptions they love. We apply years of industry-leading expertise to help merchants acquire, retain and expand their recurring revenue. As an Amdocs company, we have a global organization dedicated to serving subscription-based businesses of every size, everywhere.

MarketONE is a new platform that incorporates three main functionality pillars that interact with each other to deliver remarkable business value. MarketONE helps subscription providers evolve and stay ahead of the competition. The flexible platform combines:

  • Vindicia Subscribe: Scale faster with go-to-market flexibility, global implementation support, and industry-leading retention tools
  • Vindicia Bundle: Create and join bundles with partners that build audiences, engagement, and loyalty
  • Vindicia Connect: Boost conversion and engagement with frictionless user journeys

Bringing these three critical subscription must-haves together delivers faster time to market and a much lower total cost of ownership. Working together, they provide the foundation for subscription innovation and customer relationships that last a lifetime.

In one sentence

Professional who understands market needs and maps these needs to well-defined requirements for products/capabilities, and manages the end-to-end lifecycle of a multi-tenant SaaS offering creating a marketplace for media and telecommunications customers 

Key responsibilities

  1. Market - Understand market and customer challenges and product's ability to address applicable needs in a differentiated/unique manner vs. the competition. Other activities include competitive analysis, early validation activities, and retrospective win/loss analysis. 
  2. Strategy - Define, validate, and articulate where products are headed over the next 1-3 years (product roadmap), including product strategy at the portfolio and corporate levels. 
  3. Lead – Lead the product development teams to prioritize key features, functionality balancing customer demands, and shifting market priorities. Leading scrum meetings championing the voice of the customer and articulating customer's requirements as detailed user stories  
  4. Business - Secure product investment by building compelling business cases for innovative products. Activities include defining market opportunity, target/addressable markets, quantifying the ROI, build/buy/partner, GTM considerations, and supporting pricing strategy with product pricing models. 
  5. Planning - Translate market knowledge, product strategy, and business cases into a successful product plan. The plan must be validated with internal and external stakeholders and includes detailed use cases, prioritized requirements, and the release plan. Connect product requirements with the organizations that develop, promote, and deliver the product through the product lifecycle. Assist in arbitrating and mitigating through each release gate so that the right product is delivered on time, with the proper scope, and per budget. 
  6.  Readiness - Define and manage the right product readiness plan to ensure that the business is ready to sell, deliver, and support the product. Readiness includes training, WDP (well-defined product), TACT, pricing, documentation, and first call presentations. 

Critical experience

  1. At least 3-5 years experience delivering successful software products in a Product Management or similar role (e.g. product development, product design, product marketing), where the candidate was directly responsible for design, development, or delivery of a product. 
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present complex ideas and concepts to non-technical audiences and to present in front of customers and executives 
  3. Experience building and launching products in a SaaS or enterprise environment and technical experience working with REST API's and 
  4. Experience in driving products through a matrix of R&D, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Executive, and Customer stakeholders. 
  5. Background in the analysis of market trends and customer needs in a relevant industry (or major enterprises), preferably with experience in the telecommunications industry. 
  6. Experience independently leading new initiatives (for multiple Product Management roles).

Why you will love this job

  • You will be able to use your expert knowledge of market needs and product capabilities to drive game-changing insights 
  • You will be a crucial member of a global, dynamic, and highly collaborative team with various possibilities for personal and professional development
  • You will have the opportunity to work in a multinational environment for the global market leader in its field

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