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Better Billing Means Happier Customers

Sep 6, 2012 | By CRMBuyer

Following a few simple but essential best practices in billing can improve the customer experience and beef up your company’s bottom line.

When accepting credit card payments, it is imperative for a merchant to offer easy and convenient payment options in order to keep customers happy.

The billing function conjures up many images, few of them positive. Essential to success of your business, yet often a burden for most organizations independent of size or market, billing is seen as a necessary evil to collect cash and enable organizations to stay alive. Over the past few years, however, as the world has moved online and towards greater digital consumption, billing is increasingly immediate and central to the customer experience and thus plays a much different — and critically important — role.

Unlike the traditional retail world, the billing process in the Digital Economy is a key customer touch point, and thus incredibly important for businesses to get right…

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