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Civilization in Decline: Credit Cards and the Culture of Auto-Pay

May 5, 2015 | By CED Magazine

To credit card issuers, I say decline at your own risk. Decline and you too will decline. Decline me and I will decline you back. Maybe forever. Eventually all of society will experience a decline. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop watching movies on the Internet.

Let’s face it: streaming content is always free – even when you pay for it. The pricing models that succeed do so because they bill you in a way that makes services feel free. Thousands of titles for $7.99 per month on auto-pay? In fact, for many people, that’s even better than free. You get unlimited titles and never have to worry about muffled, bootleg sound or a shaky camcorder in a popcorn-crunching multiplex. You’re free-wheeling, free-dealing, free-riding until for some inane technicality, your credit card doesn’t go through.

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