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Cloud billing: pick and mix revenue models take digital retailers wherever their customers go

Jul 3, 2012 | By Talking Payments

What else can the cloud do for us?

As retailers navigate their way through digital disruption, cloud-based billing is becoming an increasingly attractive option says Sanjay Sarathy, Chief Marketing Officer at Vindicia.

The likes of Pearson, Bloomberg, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Next Issue Media and many others demonstrate two key reasons as to why digital retailers are moving to SaaS: flexibility and security.

These businesses know that it’s essential to be where their customers are – and that just where that is, is a moving target. Their customers manage money in new ways and are constantly adapting their expectations of digital payment services. Getting pricing models right and responding to customers’ needs quickly and cheaply is how digital businesses will survive. With the SaaS billing option, you can tear up your revenue model and start again – as often as you need to – without having to tear down your billing platform.

Outsourcing PCI and privacy requirements is also attractive, particularly with new EU regulations on their way. For a retailer today, doing compliance yourself is, in the words of one commentator, “like a restaurant making its own forks”…

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