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New Total Economic Impact Study Shows that Vindicia Select Consistently Recovers Failed Payment Transactions and Extends Customer Relationships

Mar 12, 2019

Independent research results show Vindicia can help companies enhance their customer retention rates, increase revenues, and improve overall customer lifetime value

San Mateo, Calif. ― March 12, 2019 — Vindicia, an Amdocs company (NASDAQ: DOX) and a leader in business-to-consumer subscription management solutions, today released a new commissioned Forrester Consulting study quantifying the Total Economic Impact and benefits of Vindicia Select. The study found that Vindicia Select helps companies recover significant numbers of terminally failed payment transactions, reduce pressure on billing teams, enhance customer retention rates, increase revenues, improve overall customer lifetime value, and protect brand value. Over three years, a composite organization received a net present value (NPV) of US$76.5 million.

“The ability to successfully acquire and retain subscribers is critical to growing and sustaining a subscription-based business,” said Sharath Dorbala, Head of Vindicia, an Amdocs company. “Unfortunately, many companies are losing millions of dollars in revenue each year because of preventable customer churn. This study demonstrates that by leveraging Vindicia Select, companies can recover terminally failed payment transactions and capture revenue that would otherwise be lost. Beyond that, companies also benefit from revenue from extended customer lifetime.”

The Total Economic Impact™ of Vindicia Select study was developed based on interviews with five customers using Vindicia Select to manage involuntary customer churn. By using the information provided in the interviews to create a composite organization, Forrester calculated both the quantifiable and the unquantified benefits from actual use of Vindicia Select.

Below are a few of the key findings:

  • Revenue recovered from terminally failed payment transactions totaled $6,249,477 over three years. The composite organization consistently recovered 18 percent of terminally failed payment transactions with Vindicia Select.
  • Revenue from extended customer lifetime totaled $70,412,965 over three years. On average, users increased their subscription length and continued to pay for an organization’s services for 6.2 months after Vindicia Select recovered a terminally failed payment transaction.
  • According to the interviewed organizations, Vindicia Select protects brand value by ensuring continuity of service for users. All five customers noted that when an organization is forced to cut off service, it creates a negative user experience.
  • The interviewed organizations also noted that Vindicia Select enables them to avoid having to continually invest in finding new customers to maintain revenue.

According to one of the customers interviewed, a director of global payments for a provider of B2C and light commercial software solutions: “We rely on Vindicia Select as a revenue generator because it increases our billing success rate. [Another business unit] just launched Select, and they would absolutely say that they now rely on it. It is a revenue generator. If you’re using CashBox or you’re only using Select, it’s a very good billing resource.”

Vindicia Select utilizes machine learning, subscription intelligence, and sophisticated algorithms to address the problem of payment card declines, automatically resolving up to 30 percent of failed terminally payment transactions that other strategies are unable to recapture.

In addition to Vindicia Select, Vindicia also offers CashBox, a complete SaaS subscriber management and billing platform for subscription business success. CashBox is the ideal solution for recurring-revenue businesses because it supports all aspects of the subscription business life cycle.

To learn more about the Forrester Total Economic Impact study or to download a copy, visit here. A video highlighting key findings can also be viewed here.

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Vindicia, an Amdocs company, offers comprehensive subscription management solutions that help businesses acquire and retain more customers. Providing much more than just a billing and payments system, the company’s SaaS-based subscription management platform combines big data analysis, strategic consulting and proprietary retention technology. Vindicia provides its clients with more recurring revenue, more customer data, better insights, and greater value throughout the entire subscriber lifecycle. That’s why they call us the Subscription People. To learn more visit

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