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Vindicia Expands Product Family with Vindicia Select

Jul 17, 2012

Leveraging Vindicia’s Unmatched Retention Technology, Vindicia Select Rescues Millions in Otherwise Lost Subscription Revenue.

BELMONT, Calif. – July 17, 2012 – Vindicia, the leading provider of marketing and selling automation for the Digital Economy, today unveiled Vindicia® Select™ – the latest offering in the Vindicia product family. The new SaaS solution allows digital businesses to keep an existing subscription or recurring billing platform, while taking advantage of Vindicia’s unique acquisition and retention technologies including the patent-pending ART® technology built into Vindicia subscription billing solutions.

In today’s online global marketplace, the ability to successfully acquire and retain subscribers is paramount to long-term growth. Surprisingly, many of today’s most successful digital businesses are losing the revenues associated with 10-15 percent of their customer base because of preventable churn.

ART technology overrides certain types of customer churn and adds millions in additional annual revenue for digital businesses. Vindicia Select, and the underlying ART technology, successfully processes 30-40 percent of these failed transactions and returns them to a company's existing subscription billing system for future recurring billing.

Pricing and availability

Vindicia Select is available immediately and priced as a percentage of total revenue rescued. Please visit Vindicia Select for additional information and to contact a Vindicia sales representative. The patent-pending ART technology is available through the entire line of Vindicia products.

The Vindicia product family provides digital businesses with a very flexible SaaS platform to acquire new customers and retain them as long as possible. With capabilities that span marketing, billing and customer account management, the Vindicia product family provides a critical set of business functions that enable success in the Digital Economy.

  • Marketing and Selling Automation:Understanding these audience sources and which ones will lead to the longest customer lifetimes, and thus the most profitability, is key to managing marketing spending and total subscriber growth
  • CRM: Vindicia CashBox has a native entitlement system that determines if customers have access to your service. Cross-selling campaigns add more complexity as a single customer can access multiple products, but the Vindicia CashBox entitlement engine easily handles multi-product subscriptions, so the appropriate calculations and billing take place.
  • Subscription Billing: Subscription billing businesses have two customer pipelines – new customer signups and existing customer renewals. To address this, we constantly innovate and add new capabilities into Vindicia CashBox that further reduce customer churn and increase Average Customer Lifetime Value (ACLV).
  • Customer Acquisition: Vindicia CashBox provides numerous capabilities to support broader customer acquisition: native integration with global payment methods, currencies, and tax regimes; channel and affiliate management; campaign management; and detailed analytics to track ongoing trends
  • Customer Retention: Even the smallest increase in customer retention can bring large revenue increases due to the power of ACLV, the average amount of revenue a merchant receives over the lifetime of their relationship with a customer. Vindicia clients typically experience a 15 percent lift in customer retention just by deploying a Vindicia subscription billing solution.
  • Analytics: the analytics tools inside Vindicia CashBox help clients track the impact of changes made, as well as understand the long-term business trends at a revenue, subscriber, and transaction level – for single product offerings or multiple offerings across different product groups
  • Business Model Optimization: Digital business models cover the gamut from one-time transactions to freemium to pure-play subscription billing models, and many hybrids – and Vindicia CashBox includes a set of best practices for each model that help clients achieve longer-term customer lives


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Vindicia is the leading provider of marketing and selling automation for the Digital Economy. We enable digital leaders to optimize their customer acquisition and retention capabilities across a variety of online markets via our SaaS solution, Vindicia CashBox. We have processed over $4 billion globally, and generate over $75 million in annual incremental revenue for our clients. Our clients include Symantec, TransUnion Interactive, Intuit, Activision Blizzard, Bloomberg, and Next Issue Media. To learn more, please visit