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Vindicia Launches CashBox StoreFront

Mar 1, 2011

Solution Simplifies Customer Acquisition of Digital Content and Services.

BELMONT, CA — March 1, 2011 — Vindicia, a leading provider of SaaS billing solutions that help digital leaders optimize customer retention and acquisition through integrated marketing best practices, today announced the availability of its latest digital offering, Vindicia CashBox™ StoreFront. Designed for online marketers, CashBox StoreFront streamlines how digital merchants define new products, create promotions and special offers and manage virtual catalogs.

Supporting a wide range of business models from subscriptions to microtransactions with virtual currency support to one-time offers, CashBox StoreFront enables marketers to reach a global audience immediately. The combination of Vindicia CashBox, the company’s SaaS billing solution, and CashBox StoreFront provides digital merchants with a competitive edge in managing the full customer acquisition, management, billing and retention cycle.

“CashBox StoreFront removes the complexities that go in to building and maintaining a presence online and offers digital merchants a one-stop, user-friendly solution,” said Gene Hoffman, CEO, Vindicia. “We want our clients to benefit from a solution that will not only empower them with the data they were already collecting at checkout – but offer the kind of flexibility required in today’s über competitive landscape. That our clients gained $50 million in additional revenue through increased customer retention shows the enormous impact of our marketing-oriented solutions.”

Product Features

  • Order Pages – Handle multiple business models, from subscriptions to one-time transactions to hybrids; support both “real” and virtual items, and manage images, text, and promotions; support coupons as a means of payment; enable page design in a WYSIWYG editor; and provide context-sensitive offer management based on customer attributes
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout Facilities – Incorporate all the payment methods CashBox supports, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, Incomm pre-paid cards, electronic check, and others
  • Catalog Management – Host images, artwork and other attributes; define varied pricing models by item type; and manage virtual goods inventory
  • Customer Self-Service – View full account information; view order history and details; update personal and account information; and manage subscription/payment information
  • Customer Support – Support customer self-service functionality in a customer support interface; search for accounts by different criteria including email address and user ID; and grant refunds

About Vindicia

Vindicia is the leading provider of marketing and selling automation for the Digital Economy. We enable digital leaders to optimize their customer acquisition and retention capabilities across a variety of online markets via our SaaS solution, Vindicia CashBox. We have processed over $4 billion globally and generate over $75 million in annual incremental revenue for our clients. Our clients include TransUnion Interactive, Intuit, Activision Blizzard, IAC, Bloomberg, and Next Issue Media. To learn more, please visit

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