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December 20, 2010 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Cryptic Studios – Holiday Promotion #4

We hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. We’ve had great responses to our first, second, and third promotions.

Our client Cryptic Studios is the publisher of two of the best known MMO franchises: Star Trek Online and Champions Online. They’ve graciously provided the following promotion for this holiday season.

They are offering 25 retail keys to both Star Trek Online and Champions Online (i.e., a total of 50 keys) which gives people full access to the game, plus 10 days worth of subscription time. If you are interested in either game, please follow these instructions:

  • Send an email to cryptic (at) vindicia (dot) com with your first and last name and let us know which game (or both) you’re interested in playing
  • We’ll send you they key and the instructions on how to register, activate the key, download the game, and start playing
  • There is a limit of one key per person per game

Please ping us at the email listed above with any questions about the promotion. We look forward to sending you the keys for these great games from Cryptic.

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