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March 1, 2011 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Vindicia CashBox StoreFront

Call me a masochist if you will but, as I remarked yesterday on Twitter, I do enjoy product launches and the underlying processes that lead to them: understanding client requirements, creating functional specifications, building the product, defining pricing, crafting the go-to-market strategy and publicizing the actual product.

We’ve been busy the last few months on a new initiative that reinforces our mission to help merchants build online revenue and we’re excited about the results of that work announced today.

CashBox StoreFront optimizes customer acquisition for merchants selling digital content and services. Yes, there are numerous storefronts in the market so our product name by itself doesn’t distinguish ours. Few companies, however, focus on the tight relationship between the typical operational focus of SaaS billing and the marketing focus of customer acquisition and retention.

The combination of CashBox StoreFront and CashBox offloads the tedium that most marketers (like myself) have to deal with in maximizing customer lives, whether working with a subscription or a microtransaction-based service. Given the ongoing burden that PCI compliance puts on merchants (with version 2.0 of the standard rolling out this year), the fact that CashBox StoreFront completely offloads this issue onto Vindicia removes yet another worry for merchants.

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