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Payment failure isn’t an option.

Vindicia Retain is the global leader in payments recovery, partnering with enterprise payment teams to intelligently recover failed and unsolvable recurring payments to retain customers and increase revenue. Vindicia Retain trains their always improving AI and ML models with over two decades of payments data from 1.8B+ transactions to smoothly resolve failed recurring transactions.

Vindicia Retain’s complementary, risk-free, and easy-to-deploy approach works with existing billing platforms and payment processors to recover up to 50% of failed recurring payments and optimize revenue instantly. By minimizing involuntary churn, Vindicia Retain helps merchants improve the customer experience, avoid service interruptions, and enhance customer lifetime value.

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Data from over 1.8 billion transactions is used to resolve 1 failed payment. When we do our job right, you (and your customers) won’t even know we’re there – but your bottom line will. 

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