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Gain personalization and time-to-market advantage

Purpose-built for consumer subscriptions, Vindicia Connect powers better user journeys. A faster time to market lets you keep pace with customer expectations. You capture every interaction, simplifying innovation. Easy onboarding starts subscription relationships right. Seamless journeys across services, bundles, and experiences reduce churn. The result: You stay ahead of the evolving subscriber experience wants and needs while saving time and resources.

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Vindicia Retain

How Connect works

Vindicia Connect delivers the frictionless service consumers expect when they turn to your subscription. Connect lets you unite identity, access, subscriptions, and bundles services in a single platform. Developer-friendly APIs support rapid implementation. You choose from a library of best-practice-based processes. Fast time to implement and easy maintenance plus guidance from subscription experts keeps total ownership costs low without sacrificing the user experience.

Your subscribers consume your service without compromise. Across all services, subscribers get single sign-on, can leverage third-party IDs like Google and Apple, and manage their own privacy and consent settings. Plus, they can create profiles for family members, without everyone having the same user profile. It’s identity and access management engineered for consumers of subscription services like yours. Download the white paper “Creating Connected Consumer Experiences” to explore the importance of personalization and identity management for subscriptions.

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Vindicia Retain

Connect advantage: Identity for subscriptions

DIY approaches to identity and access management fall short—draining time and resources. And many expensive identity solutions weren’t made to support subscriptions, with unnecessary complexity wasting your team’s time. In contrast, Vindicia Connect simplifies the processes behind creating user-centric subscription journeys. With Connect, you:

  • Gain identity agility and insights as you offer personalized user journeys
  • Deliver the consistent, secure, and personalized experiences that start with seamless onboarding
  • Capture data from every subscriber interaction and use that data to enable innovations
  • Accelerate time to market with painless APIs and help from subscription and identity experts
  • Deploy identity-powered account and access options fast by choosing from a library of out-of-the box processes

Heal your subscription success

Vindicia Connect simplify identity and access management with a user-centric platform that accelerates time to market and heal your subscription success

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Amplify results with subscription intelligence

Vindicia Connect incorporates subscription intelligence. It’s an approach that takes advantage of subscription data, such as subscriber engagement and transactions, to let you continuously discover and gain insights. You learn even more from industry benchmarks and catered data-deep dives with our team. Apply those data-based insights to steer your business more strategically. See how subscription intelligence delivers an edge.

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