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How to ensure recurring revenue flow in 2023 by preventing failed payments

The CFO’s guide to recovering declined credit card transactions

Every day, recurring revenue businesses are losing revenue and customers due to failed credit and debit card transactions. When a payment is declined, your business loses not only the failed payment, but more importantly, you sacrifice the recurring revenue in the months to come. Your customers don’t want to think about payments, especially failed ones that cause disconnection and headaches. If they encounter payment hassles, they just might leave your service for good.

As a CFO, how can you respond to this challenge? In 2023, it’s time to prevent failed transactions and recover the revenue your business demands. Download this actionable eBook and you will:

  • Learn how the credit card approval process works
  • Examine the top reasons why card transactions fail
  • Explore best practices and solutions to prevent failed transactions
  • Discover how one company recaptured $2.9 million in just six months

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