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How to retain subscribers in today’s post-pandemic environment

The consumer has changed forever. Retention is the new growth.

As we move beyond the booming growth of online subscriptions ushered in by the pandemic and stay-at-home necessities, we see that consumers have changed forever. They expect satisfying experiences that don’t just offer value, but help them feel safe, appreciated, and heard. And they want their favorite products, services, and bundles at their fingertips whenever and wherever they need them.

But along with this dynamic growth comes an uncomfortable fact. As subscription sign-ups grow, so do the opportunities for passive churn due to failed payment transactions. Download our revealing white paper and you will:

  • Learn why 70% of involuntary churn is due to failed transactions
  • See how companies are responding to keep existing subscribers engaged
  • Achieve more growth by preventing payment failures
  • Discover how an online fitness company recaptured $2.9 million in failed transactions in just six months

Just fill in the form at right for immediately access to this actionable white paper. And check out our interactive revenue calculator to get a custom report offering insight on the benefits of preventing failed payments.