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Vindicia brings enterprise-class innovation to your subscription billing process

Vindicia Retain is specifically designed for businesses that want to keep their existing billing infrastructure but seek a no-risk approach to overcoming customer payment failures.

  • What is Vindicia Retain?

    Vindicia Retain is the #1 payment recovery solution, utilizes AI and ML to automatically recapture up to 50% of failed transactions, including issues like expired cards, suspicious activity, and insufficient funds. Proactively resolving involuntary churn through the analysis of billions of transactions from the last 20 years of payment data that Vindicia processed, it applies a unique subscription intelligence and retention algorithm to recover lost revenue from failed payments. Offering effortless integration, actionable insights, and PCI-DSS Level 1 Version 4 compliance, Vindicia Retain enables businesses to recover lost revenue and safeguard profitability from the impacts of failed payments.

  • How does Vindicia Retain work to recover failed payments?

    Vindicia Retain uses a unique AI and ML-based retention technology to engage subscribers by resolving payment issues. Collaborating with your payment provider and it ensures essential information for seamless payment processing. The system analyzes and reports payment failures, offering valuable insights for prevention. Applying its smart technology, Vindicia Retain can recapture up to 50% of terminally failed payments, boosting your revenue. It is compatible with any billing system. The system addresses issues at the root, providing a long-term solution to recurring failed payments.

  • Who should use Vindicia Retain?

    Vindicia Retain is a failed payment recovery platform designed to assist subscription-based businesses in reducing churn by addressing issues related to unsuccessful payments. It is well-suited for companies operating in various industries, including media and entertainment, online services, e-commerce, software as a service (SaaS), insurance, utilities, health and wellness, publishing and e-learning, finance, and other sectors where subscription models are common. Businesses that face challenges associated with failed payments and aim to implement effective strategies for retaining subscribers can benefit from using Vindicia Retain.

  • How can I integrate Vindicia Retain into my billing system?

    Vindicia Retain offers an effortless integration process, allowing you to go live in days with its SaaS solution. Compatible with any billing system, it ensures a seamless experience while providing clear, actionable insights through data intelligence dashboards.

  • Can Vindicia Retain help me calculate the ROI of addressing payment failures?

    Vindicia Retain not only resolves up to 50% of terminally failed card transactions but also provides a clear understanding of the impact on your bottom line. The solution enables you to calculate the ROI and make informed decisions to enhance your subscription business's profitability.

  • How can I start using Vindicia Retain to prevent revenue loss?

    Getting started is simple! By submitting your failed transactions using our API or by using our user-friendly interface, you can witness the magic of Vindicia Retain. With 24/7 live payment recovery data and a focus on eliminating passive churn, it's the perfect solution to tackle failed payments head-on.