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August 7, 2015 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

99.99999% Global System Uptime

At Vindicia, we’re proud of our track record of exceptional global system uptime. Now, you can see how we’re doing in real time. The new Vindicia Trust page provides a window into our system performance. 

For SaaS providers like Vindicia, there is no metric more important than uptime. The gold standard is considered 99.999% planned uptime. Every SaaS provider works hard to achieve those coveted five nines. For context, “five nines” indicates less than 5.26 minutes of unplanned downtime each year.

You’re more likely to achieve those five nines if you aim for zero unplanned downtime. And that’s always our goal. We track how close we come in our 12-month trailing uptime percentage. It’s been 14 months since we’ve had an unplanned global system downtime. That means our production environment delivered more than 24/7/365 of uninterrupted support for subscription billing and recurring payments.

But what about planned downtime? We planned five minutes of downtime in the last 12 months for system maintenance, and we were down just three seconds. So, planned and unplanned, our 12-month trailing global system downtime is three seconds. That’s a total global system uptime of 99.99999%, meaning we achieved five nines after the decimal. There were brief issues affecting some customers, but our overall success highlights the strength of our approach to maintaining uptime.

Some SaaS providers plan as much as an hour of downtime just about every month for system maintenance. They may not need to go down the whole hour, but they’ve planned for it just in case. If most of your customers are in one region of the world, a little planned downtime at 2 a.m. may not be a big deal. But it’s big to us.

Vindicia serves customers all over the world, and there’s no good time for downtime. We’ve engineered our system to support hot updates, reducing to need to plan for downtime. The use of redundant parallel processing in our production environment helps us avoid unplanned downtime.

See how we’re doing for you. The new Vindicia Trust page lets you monitor our system for issues and keep track of scheduled system maintenance for our production and staging environments. Visit the page to view system metrics for the past day, week, or month. Third-party system monitoring services track our API uptime and pings to our system. The page also provides communications around issues and plans for issue resolution. From the Vindicia Trust page, you can also subscribe to updates about the Vindicia system.

About the author: Before Vindicia, Brett was Executive Vice President of Technology for eMusic. Brett has been a professional software developer since 1989, and has management, contract, and technical experience through roles at Network Associates, PGP, NCR, MCI, and IBM. Brett has particular expertise in the design and implementation of high transaction volume e-commerce systems, large-payload download infrastructures, conversion of paper documents to electronic formats, encryption, and security.

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