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Our mission and purpose

Here at Vindicia, we believe our people are what makes us great. We place an emphasis on diversity and respect, leading to operational excellence and success. We enrich e-commerce connections and transform them to feel simple and personal anytime. And we wouldn't be able to do it without our team, Gen V.

How are we making a difference?

Meet gen V

Hear what our people have to say about their favorite part of working at Vindicia.

Allison Kodatt

I love working at Vindicia because of how collaborative the work environment is. I'm constantly learning new things and am so privileged to be a part of such a wonderful team!

Cynthia Dvoracek

My favorite thing about working at Vindicia is interacting with our customers, and showing them the value our Retain product can bring to them. It’s really quite exciting and rewarding! I also truly appreciate the hard-working team behind Vindicia’s operations, support and products. They never cease to amaze me with their dedication and support for our customers and their initiatives.

Hilit Tirosh Goren

I am so grateful to be a part of Vindicia, it’s a place you know everyone on both a professional and personal level, and each one can make an impact. It’s a great environment to work at, which brings the best out of you. We work hard but we don’t forget to laugh and enjoy the process.

Rima Khoury

I love my team, they are hard working, talented and dedicated! New challenges come in daily yet we come together as a team to learn , innovate, use new technologies and deliver! I feel like everybody values and respects my experience so I’m encouraged to try new things and be innovative. As a leader I love to mentor and support people to make a difference in their careers.

Sathya Bakaraju

Vindicia is a great place to work because of our amazing teams and the people part of these teams. Everyone is willing to pitch in and collaborate always aiming to improve the product with a customer first approach.

Sharon Mayblum

I feel we are in a place we can make a great impact on Vindicia and the industry. I see the impact of the partnerships the partner team is forming on the pipeline and sales. That makes me proud.

Swati Tripathi

I enjoy working at Vindicia where our focus is on customers and product. I’m free to think beyond any restrictions and come up with fresh ideas for contributing to the company’s success. I am lucky to be surrounded by intelligent, hardworking, and humble coworkers with great humor.

Vindicia Retain

Resilience in Action: Spotlighting the success stories of Vindicia's talented individuals

Join us as we celebrate the remarkable journey of Sharon Mayblum, Head of International Partnerships and Business Development at Vindicia. Discover her inspiring career transition from law to tech, her relentless pursuit of success, and her dedication to empowering women in the industry. Dive into this captivating blog to learn how Sharon's courage, resilience, and passion have shaped her path and made her a true asset to the Vindicia team. Gain insights from her wisdom as she shares, "In order to succeed, you need intelligence, talent, luck, and, ultimately, you need resilience. When there are crises, I don’t break. I get up and move on."

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Vindicia Retain

Leading with a strong hand - top 10 women leaders in cloud

Rima Khoury, Vice President of Engineering, Vindicia, is a hands-on technical leader with over 21 years of software development experience, including 14 years in the subscription and payments industry. Rima holds the Vindicia’s Retain product patent and is one of the original programmers and inventors. She’s a passionate leader with a learner mindset who understands what needs to be changed and inspires others with a clear vision. She is very resilient and gets constant energy from extreme challenges.

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Vindicia Retain

Meet our leadership team

The Vindicia management team has deep experience in building and leading successful companies in SaaS, enterprise subscription billing, consumer entertainment, and enterprise software markets.

Meet our leadership

Our Values

At Vindicia, we value respect and diversity above all else. We believe that diverse perspectives increase creativity that leads to better decision-making and increases employee performance. We are proud to have each and every individual within the Vindicia family. Without our people – we would not be the same.

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