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Recurring payments should be smooth and seamless.

Vindicia Retain is an intelligent payments solution that partners with leading processors, merchants, and enterprises to resolve failed and unsolvable recurring payments.

Your enterprise-grade partner to recover failed payments.

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Our global network of technology partners will help your business make more revenue and grow faster. From payment methods and payment service providers to accounting and marketing automation, our best-in-class partners will help you leverage seamless solution integrations that deliver unmatched retention results.


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Join the Vindicia Retain partner network and grow your business. Working with us creates new business opportunities to deliver comprehensive payment solutions, helping you optimize revenue, increase authorization rates, and retain more customers.

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Vindicia Joins J.P. Morgan payments partner network!

Welcome to the pinnacle of partnership innovation! We are thrilled to showcase the groundbreaking collaboration between Vindicia and J.P. Morgan, designed to revolutionize the recovery of failed card not present transactions. Through our seamless integration, we have achieved an incredible success rate, resolving up to an impressive 50% of these terminal failures. Join us on the forefront of cutting-edge technology and reclaim your lost revenue potential with Vindicia Retain today!

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