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Churn Management: Build lifetime relationships

Keep subscribers with a 360-degree strategy for beating churn. Understand passive and active churn and how to maximize eCommerce recurring revenues.

Vindicia Retain

Address all the reasons subscribers leave

Industry-leading subscriber growth starts with retention for subscription businesses like yours. Increasing your monthly retention rate by only 5% can boost your customer base by more than 40% over 24 months. What happens when you lower passive churn by 30% and trim active cancellations even more dramatically? Sky-high retention rates and lasting relationships with subscribers. Vindicia lets you address both passive and active churn proactively. How? By overcoming the root causes of—and contributors to—passive and active churn.

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Vindicia Retain

Understand passive and active churn

Too many subscription services try to overcome the drain of churn by investing ever more in paid acquisition of new customers. That’s expensive. It’s cheaper to keep your customer than to find a new one. You need to do everything you can to stop passive churn, which happens when a recurring transaction fails. And stop active churn, which is when a subscriber cancels. Then, you have offer the user experience and value that turn a good service onto a lifetime must-have.

Consider some of the top reasons people churn:

  • Failed transactions that can’t be fixed with basic retry logic, account updaters, and pestering subscribers to update their payment method
  • Lack of regular engagement, leading people to actively cancel due to low use of your service
  • Temporary factors, including job loss, seasonal interest in a service, extended travel, or income fluctuation, also drive active cancellations
  • Low perceived value as compared to other options, such as bundles available elsewhere, are increasingly a factor in active cancellations
  • Limited or frustrating user experiences, such as confusing buying flows, drill-down style navigation, or lack of personalization, contribute to active churn, especially when combined with another factor

Failed transactions, otherwise known as passive churn, account for 30% of all churn. The other reasons cover active churn, with lack of engagement being the top cause of intentional cancelations. Vindicia tackles each cause.

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Vindicia Retain

Retain: Cut passive churn

Vindicia Retain resolves failed transactions using proprietary recovery algorithms and other data-driven techniques. It simplifies the intelligence behind the most advanced approaches to revenue recovery. Traditional approaches—like basic retries and updaters—resolve about 50-70% of failures. Retain recovers the remaining ones, getting your overall success rate into the high 90s. That translates into an overall (and almost overnight) revenue gain of up to 6%. You only pay for results, and you can keep using existing techniques. Retain deploys in days, and you can stay with existing transaction systems and payment processors.

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Vindicia Retain: Improve subscription retention rates and reduce involuntary churn

Vindicia Retain is designed to help businesses reduce involuntary churn by optimizing their dunning processes. The platform uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze customer behavior and payment data, and it then applies intelligent, personalized retry strategies to recover failed payments and prevent churn.

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