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Vindicia Retain is built for your business to retain revenue and customers.

Vindicia Retain is the global leader in payments recovery and is a complementary, risk-free solution to your existing payment recovery efforts.

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Vindicia Retain partners with the world’s best enterprise payment teams to intelligently resolve failed and unsolvable recurring payments, increasing revenue and retaining customers.

Every transaction – and customer – counts

Involuntary churn is when a customer encounters a payment problem, such as a card expiring or their credit card being put on hold due to suspicious activity. 70% of involuntary churn is due to failed payments, but these problems should not result in a lost customer.

Vindicia Retain is the global leader in payments recovery, partnering with enterprise payment teams to intelligently recover up to 50% of unsolvable failed recurring payments to retain these customers and increase revenue.

Retain more customers and revenue with Vindicia Retain

Vindicia Retain recovers unsolvable, failed recurring payments that result in involuntary churn, including:


Expired cards

Banks often update credit card numbers, sending a new card in the mail. However, customers may sometimes forget to update the card on all of their subscription services, which then prevents their payment from going through.


Suspicious activity holds

To mitigate potential fraud, card issuers often put a hold on charges, causing recurring payments to fail. Customers do not always follow through on updating their card information, and may then lose their subscription.


Insufficient funds

When a merchant or service attempts to charge a credit or debit card and is met with an insufficient funds message, it then prevents the customer's subscription from staying up and running.

Vindicia Retain turns unsolvable, failed payments into payments

Here's how it works


AI-Driven Data Analysis

The Vindicia Retain team has been analyzing and learning from the causes of failed payments across 1.8B+ transactions. This market-leading store of data is the basis of our payments intelligence algorithm.



We take a proactive approach to otherwise unsolvable, failed recurring payments, leading to an instant revenue increase.



Every billing period, Vindicia Retain turns failed transactions into customer relationships with maximum lifetime value.

The CFO’s guide to maximizing recurring revenue

How are you improving recurring payment outcomes? Increase revenue by recovering up to 50% of your unsolvable failed payments with Vindicia Retain – the global leader in payments recovery.

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Vindicia Retain

Payment failure isn’t an option

Easily integrate Vindicia Retain in your recurring payments to retain more revenue and customers.

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The value of Vindicia Retain


Optimize revenue

Recover up to 50% of failed recurring payments



Go live in days, works with any billing system or processor



Actionable insights from over two decades of payments intelligence



Our fee model means we don’t get paid unless we recover your failed payments



We fit in to your existing recovery efforts and payments flow


Top-level security

PCI-DSS Level 1 Version 4 compliant, conforms to your best practices



Trusted by leading merchants, processors, and enterprises worldwide


Market-leading expertise

Payments intelligence from 60+ processors and 1.8B+ transactions

Vindicia Retain

Grow faster with a risk-free, data-driven solution

With Vindicia Retain, you get actionable real-time data that can instantly improve your recurring payment outcomes. We are so confident we can recover your failed recurring payments, we don’t get paid unless we succeed.

Vindicia Retain

Vindicia Retain is built for your business to retain every payment and customer

Staying on top of your revenue should be seamless and secure. Submit your failed transactions using our easy-to-integrate API or easily drag and drop to see the magic happen. Get a simple view on single transaction details and see real-time payment recovery data.

Turn failed payments into revenue wins

Let’s optimize your recurring payments.

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See how Vindicia Retain can help you improve recurring payment outcomes

Top 9 subscription KPIs to measure revenue and growth.

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Market-leading security and compliance

Vindicia Retain meets the highest security standards and abides by the most stringent compliance frameworks in the industry.

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