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Vindicia Subscribe: The subscription billing platform that maximizes your metrics

Work with the subscription platform that increases customer lifetime value and conversions as it cuts churn.

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Unlock 10-15% higher revenue

Vindicia Subscribe (formerly Vindicia CashBox) delivers complete billing across the entire subscription lifecycle.

Vindicia Subscribe is the platform built to improve key B2C subscription metrics—so you can devote more energy to innovation. As you free your team to create fresh experiences and better offers, we’re making the revenue side of success less stressful. Measure the difference in your bottom line, and see lasting gains in the longevity of customer relationships.

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Vindicia Retain

Simplify the subscription lifecycle

Only Vindicia Subscribe is engineered to boost the metrics you use to measure success at every stage of the subscription lifecycle:

  • Acquire

    Attract more new subscribers with the freedom to launch and refine offers. Get creative knowing that your billing platform helps you speed ideas to market.

  • Bill

    Support all the pricing and payment options that customers want while accessing data-driven insights into revenue.

  • Retain

    See lower churn by reducing billing friction and stress. And reduce churn even more dramatically as we use subscription intelligence to resolve declined transactions.

  • Expand

    Use subscription intelligence to mine data for opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. Pricing insights help you grow revenue from existing clients.

  • Succeed

    Connect with the subscription experts at Vindicia for industry benchmarking data, best practices, and ideas to increase revenue.

Vindicia Retain

Use subscription intelligence to guide your business

With Vindicia subscription management platform, you can take full advantage of our subscription intelligence. Our approach to mining data for answers goes beyond traditional reporting. You dig into a deep data warehouse to discover what happened, what’s happening – and why. So you’ll grow even faster as you guide your business with actionable insights. Read our subscription intelligence data sheet.

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Get a handle on simplified leading practices.


Subscription billing

Let customers pay the way they want to pay by supporting popular global and regional subscription billing options.


Subscription management

Align your subscriptions to ever-changing pricing, packaging, bundling, campaign, and promotion demands.


Subscription intelligence

Subscription business success requires intelligence at all phases of the subscription lifecycle.


Subscription payment methods

Deciding on which payment methods your subscription business will accept can have a major impact on acquiring and retaining customers.


Subscription revenue

Recurring payments involve complexities that can reduce retention and revenue. Vindicia handles those complexities for you.


Subscriber lifecycle management

Remove friction from billing to increase customer joy at every stage of the subscription lifecycle.


Customer retention

Apply customer experience best practices and subscription intelligence to keep more subscribers every billing cycle.


Subscriber churn management

Go beyond stale retry logic. Vindicia applies subscription intelligence to churn management to resolve failed transactions.


Churn calculation

See the bite that churn takes out of your revenue over time. Calculate churn and learn how even small reductions lead to much higher revenue.


Subscription metrics and reporting

To be successful, subscription businesses need to track several metrics tailored to their recurring revenue business needs.


Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

ARR is an important metric for subscription-based businesses. It measures the amount of revenue expected every year on a recurring basis.


SaaS billing

As a cloud-based platform, Vindicia Subscribe connects to your processes and scales to meet your needs.


Subscription business models

From basic transactions to freemiums, hybrids and bundles, businesses today are deploying a wide range of subscription business models to achieve online success.


Freemium business model

With the freemium subscription business model, a basic product or service is free for all, while premium service levels require users to pay a subscription fee.


Free trial subscription business model

The free trial subscription model allows consumers to try out a product or service for free for a limited time period, after which payment will be required.


Membership subscription business model

The membership subscription business model conveys a sense of belonging and community based on shared interests or value.

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  • "It's critical to get all the nuances right, and that's why we chose to work with Vindicia. We look to Vindicia to make sure our billing processes help us retain customers."

    — Steven Sesar, FreedomPop

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  • "The Vindicia team was responsive and knowledgeable. They worked well with our development team in India, our business team in Israel, and the payment processor. Distance was not an issue. They were even able to suggest improvements in the way we track active and passive churn that will help us benchmark our results against similar service providers."

    — Aryeh Brickner, Perion

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  • "We’re seeing the advantages of subscription revenue without having to worry about PCI compliance or that billing is going to be a hassle for members."

    — Brendan Sheehan, Chief Financial Officer, CBUSA

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  • "The implementation process itself went very smoothly, and surprisingly quickly. We told Vindicia what we wanted, and they built it for us."

    — Nikki Schmitt, Customer Experience Manager, Protect Your Bubble

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