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42% subscriber increase over 24 months
  • Working with Vindicia Retain has been an absolute breeze. It seamlessly complements our payment processes, requiring minimal effort. Vindicia Retain’s intelligent models resolve our failed recurring payments and simplify the payment complexity that might otherwise lead to disconnected customers. We've been able to recover revenue but more so enable a frictionless business continuity for our subscribers.

    Pawan Kumar Pasumarti

    Solution Architect at Equifax

  • "Vindicia Retain has helped us to streamline our billing processes and integrates with our existing billing platforms. We have seen a notable impact on both our monthly revenue and customer retention. Retain's smart technology allows us to mitigate involuntary customer churn without service interruptions. This increases our clients LTV and eliminates customer service issues. We would recommend Vindicia Retain to any business looking for a seamless payment recovery solution."

    Leslie Cary

    Senior Manager of Retention, The Dallas Morning News

  • We take failed payments seriously. Adding Vindicia Retain to the last step of our payment recovery process allowed us to seamlessly recover transactions and keep more subscribers connected, engaged, and happy.

    Julie Ransom

    Senior Payment Manager, Ancestry

  • We've been using Vindicia Retain for a few months, and the platform has helped us improve our subscription revenue by reducing churn and recovering failed payments we were missing before. We’re happy with Vindicia Retain and would highly recommend it to any business looking to improve it’s retry strategy.

    Jeremy Feldman

    Digital Audience Director, Anchorage Daily News

  • We have other systems centered around increasing collection and retention, but Vindicia Retain recaptures a population that would otherwise churn out. Although the service itself protects our revenue and helps maintain a healthy customer relationship, the support team is top-tier and provides quick, thorough, and often proactive help.

    Alexander Yu

    Billing Analyst, Global Motor Vehicle Manufacturer

Vindicia Joins J.P. Morgan payments partner network

Unlocking a new era of possibilities, Vindicia is thrilled to announce its partnership with the prestigious J.P. Morgan payments partner network.

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Vindicia Retain

Keep more revenue every billing cycle

By minimizing involuntary churn, we help you improve the customer experience, avoid service interruptions, and enhance customer lifetime value. We train our always-improving AI and ML models with over two decades of payments data from 1.8B+ transactions to smoothly recover unsolvable, failed recurring transactions. Our non-invasive, super thin, automated solution makes payments intelligence work for you.

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Vindicia Retain

More revenue and business growth in 2024

Maximize your 2024 revenue potential with Vindicia Retain – the global leader in payments recovery. Tackle the year ahead with a proactive approach to increasing revenue and enabling long-term growth. Learn more about how Vindicia Retain can optimize your payments team – and your business.

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Vindicia Retain

Fixing failed payments | Ventana Research

Unlock maximum revenue with a risk-free, intelligent payments solution that seamlessly resolves failed recurring payments. Our white paper details strategies to recover failed payment revenue, minimize involuntary churn, avoid service interruptions, and enhance customer lifetime value, all while proactively managing recurring revenue. Download now to learn more. about how to optimize your recurring payments flow.

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Vindicia is the subscription industry’s #1 failed payment recovery solution. Explore these resources to learn why:


Grow faster with insights from our two decades of transaction data

Get actionable, real-time data that will immediately benefit your business.

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Read our comprehensive revenue recovery guide

Discover strategies and best practices to recover failed payments and minimize involuntary churn.

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Discover real-world payment resolution success rates

Review case studies and success rates from our clients to see why Vindicia Retain is trusted by leading merchants, processors, and enterprises worldwide.

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  • "It's critical to get all the nuances right, and that's why we chose to work with Vindicia. We look to Vindicia to make sure our billing processes help us retain customers."

    — Steven Sesar, FreedomPop

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  • "The Vindicia team was responsive and knowledgeable. They worked well with our development team in India, our business team in Israel, and the payment processor. Distance was not an issue. They were even able to suggest improvements in the way we track active and passive churn that will help us benchmark our results against similar service providers."

    — Aryeh Brickner, Perion

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  • "We’re seeing the advantages of subscription revenue without having to worry about PCI compliance or that billing is going to be a hassle for members."

    — Brendan Sheehan, Chief Financial Officer, CBUSA

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  • "The implementation process itself went very smoothly, and surprisingly quickly. We told Vindicia what we wanted, and they built it for us."

    — Nikki Schmitt, Customer Experience Manager, Protect Your Bubble

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