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August 16, 2011 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Actionable Intelligence: New CashBox Dashboards

Revenue. Subscribers. Transactions.

As a digital business, you likely have many different attributes that contribute to your long-term profitability, but the continued growth of Revenue, Subscribers and Transactions are fundamental to your success. At Vindicia, we focus on helping our digital clients grow online revenue, whether you’re a single product, $1 million company selling just in the US, or a Symantec selling security solutions worldwide. It has also been our vision to further enhance CashBox as a marketing asset, and our latest CashBox release delivers a number of additional marketing capabilities. We’ve added a whole series of Dashboards that allow our clients to get an instant view into their seasonal revenue patterns, highlight geographic and product trends, and access specific details on transactions, subscribers and revenues.

The idea behind the new CashBox Marketing capabilities is not just to visually present data but to make it actionable:

How can we give Marketers using CashBox the opportunity to make changes to pricing and promotions and product bundles that are critical to maximizing their long-term customer lives?

In this latest CashBox product release, we’re also showcasing our ability to integrate into 3rd party Email/Marketing engines, starting with Responsys. Increasingly our clients find it handy to take billing events and notifications and make them part of their overall marketing communications with their customers. This integration makes that task much simpler with CashBox.

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