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June 9, 2015 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

AioTV offers free web video product

AioTV, a Denver-based maker of video software, will soon offer an app that will allow viewers to watch free Web video content from several different sources including Vimeo, NBC, ABC, Maker Studios and CBS. The new app, called Cuyte, can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, Android-powered set-tops, connected TVs and streaming players, like Amazon Fire TV box and Fire TV Stick.

"Cuyte can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, Android-powered set-tops, connected TVs and streaming players."

Mike Earle, CEO of aioTV, said in a statement that the video software company will make its money through advertising and will succeed by following YouTube and other OTT services' rules. The organization's patented system makes it easy to tap into these sources' streaming players and digital rights management systems without disturbing the core video asset in any way.

Earle added that he hopes this new Web video product will help aioTV create a platform that combines OTT with an operator's linear pay TV service. The company's partners have taken longer than expected to utilize aioTV's full system because they are concerned that it will take too long to integrate with billing and other systems.

"Hopefully, this is a way to break the log jam," Earle said. "It's not limited to any particular vertical here, but the partner gets presentation and branding credit."

AioTV received a patent for metadata normalization and video playback in early May, according to Multichannel News.

"The system includes a package generation module by which a service provider may define a package of both traditional and OTT channels to offer to subscribers in a unified programming interface," the patent filing said. "When a user uses the interface to select a set of video channels, the system compiles the set of the video channels in a subscriber package of both television and OTT channels."

Earle thinks the patent will help the industry gain control of the large amount of metadata that's delivered from many different sources.

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