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August 6, 2014 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Best Practices are Exponentially Impactful

We continuously evaluate business best practices and those companies that incorporate them into their business models.  I was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal article Startups Uber and Airbnb Court Business Travelers. "There's no reason to rent a car anymore…Between the car rental, the gas and the overnight parking at your hotel, UberX is tremendously less expensive." Airbnb and Uber have challenged the way that we look at hotels and taxis/car rental.  They have created opportunities and continue to evaluate them to create “frictionless” transactions for their customers, such as the recent addition of corporate tools.  At Vindicia we have taken the same approach, we have created tools that are create frictionless transactions, are easily deployed, and provide immediate revenue uplift.

Additionally, Airbnb and Uber deploy some of the same business best practices as we use at Vindicia; practices that we recommend to other businesses.  A few examples of smart, forward-thinking and sustainable business practices:

  • Focus on creating and sustaining direct-to-consumer relationships. Relationships are critical to sustaining, growing and monetizing business.
  • Be flexible in offerings in order to react quickly to market demand.
  • Consider options for pricing and monetization to leverage all opportunities.

We have set ourselves apart from the competition by providing our customers with tools to optimize their monetization strategy and to create revenue uplift in their organizations.

Ovum Principal, Adrian Drury, pointed out that being dynamic about pricing and monetization strategies is critical. “It’s important to consider the whole customer experience to maximize monetization.”

Vindicia focuses on the customer experience and the opportunities created throughout the lifetime of the customer. We identify and create frictionless transactions and business opportunities for our customers and leverage those opportunities for our customers, so that they can focus on their core business.

If you want to enhance your monetization strategy, optimize digital business, enhance customer acquisition and improve retention, contact us or use our complimentary online resources.  We are here to make it easier and more effective for you to do business.

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