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May 11, 2010 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Content Provider Rising

The news about Boxee using Vindicia CashBox for their new Payment Platform is about more than just a new client.

We are in the midst of a revolution in how people consume online content. This dynamic is upending digital distribution. No longer are consumers restricted to experiencing content via specific channels. Consume that subscription on my laptop on the train. Check. Sit in my family room and watch that same subscription on TV via the Boxee Box while eating popcorn. Check. Netflix knows he has one login across the different channels he uses to consume its content.

For content providers, the ability to deliver that compelling experience while managing the value of that offering across different channels is paramount. That’s where Vindicia comes in. The flexibility to define business models, from pay-per-view to subscriptions, and change them on the fly should be the prerogative of the content provider, not of any aggregator. The primary value of the aggregator comes in helping the consumer choose across different content elements, not simply as a price setter or as a pipe.

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