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September 27, 2012 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Dreamforce ’12: Going Social and Giving Back

I’ve attended many Dreamforce conferences since the event first started.

This year really stands out, as two significant themes prevailed throughout the event.

First, social media continues to explode and play a key role in the business world, as the data suggests:

  • 4.5 billion social users worldwide
  • 70% of enterprise companies have adopted social technologies
  • $1.3 trillion in potential business value from social technologies
  • 47% annual growth spending worldwide for social networking
  • 150 million conversations between businesses and customers worldwide each day

The data to support the social explosion is very exciting, and even more paramount is how pivotal the social networking revolution has become not just in society, but also across the enterprise. Social media channels played a significant communications role in recent events that have impacted the world (e.g. Arab Spring, presidential elections, etc.). Socially-driven content is also positioned to play an increasingly significant role in enterprise communications. Social channels continue to evolve and provide new tools for corporate message development and distribution.

Second, humanitarianism is alive and well in Software-as-a-Service. Salesforce.com is a leader in giving back to the public through participation and contributions. They invented the 1% model, by which 1% of Salesforce’s equity, profit and employee time is dedicated to public charity work. Congratulations to Salesforce.com for being a champion of philanthropy!

I was sad to say goodbye to Dreamforce’12, but look forward to seeing what Dreamforce ’13 has in store. In the meantime, I plan on getting more social and you can, too. Follow Vindicia:

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