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March 18, 2011 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

The Guardian Changing Media Summit

Next week Vindicia will be participating in the Guardian Changing Media Summit in London.

We’re very excited about debating and sharing ideas on how media, content, broadcast and game publishers of all stripes can navigate the transition to digital business models. As yesterday’s New York Times pricing announcement reveals, it’s still an open question as to what the right model should be to achieve what every media company cares about: long-term customer loyalty. Should it really cost more to get the standalone digital version versus the digital and print bundle? I’ve schlepped enough newsprint to the recycling bin…

Both my session and that of my colleague, Sanjay Sarathy, will focus on a variety of issues that our clients regularly face, including those related to business model decisions, the impact on customer retention, the context of demographics, and much more. A recent online video provides some additional color on my views related to this area and while experimentation will undoubtedly continue, our existing clients like Boxee, Mind Candy, and Next Issue Media are proving the thesis that media companies who think about themselves as offering a service rather than just a paywall to content will be the ones who remain the digital leaders of tomorrow.

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