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October 22, 2021 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

How 2022 is going to be different for subscriptions – and Vindicia

2022 is almost here. As the distance grows between where we stand now, and the challenges of this past year, perhaps it's time to consider the bigger picture, beyond the bits and pieces that make up the day-to-day business of subscriptions and e-commerce.

That’s what we’ve been doing lately at Vindicia. We’re looking back through the rear view mirror, but more importantly we’re taking in the full view through the windshield at what’s ahead. And what we see is an exciting and holistic story.

Putting the whole in holistic

Even at the outset of the pandemic, we all knew that the world would face consequences both in the short and long term. We just didn’t know exactly what they were.

Almost immediately, there was a boom in online shopping and virtual meetings. Subscriptions boomed too, with an incredible 91% increase in actual subscribers in 2020 compared to the previous year. Through all this, something fundamental changed in the very fabric of the e-comm and subscription industry, and it was much more than just the simple growth factor.

Executives now started to zoom out and really see things from another vantage point; not just their customers as another line on the balance sheet, but as the unique individuals that they are. The view went from vertical (customer in, customer out), to horizontal and holistic – the complete customer journey and how every stage and every subscription experience along the way is organically connected.

What happens in the middle?

In the past, much emphasis has been placed on the A and the Z of the customer experience. That is, the beginning of the journey: how to acquire customers, get them on board, and get them to sign on the dotted line; and the end: how to avoid customer cancellations, stop them leaving, and when all else fails, help them make an elegant exit.

Today, the subscription experience is heading for the next level, focusing on everything that happens after a customer signs on to the moment they stop being a customer. It’s a horizontal perspective, and it covers a lot of ground, and a lot of crucial moments that make up the customer’s experience with the subscription or brand.

Go horizontal

Once you zoom out and look at the whole user journey from the perspective of the customer, something very important suddenly becomes clear: there is not one pain point that your subscription is going to solve, but many pain points that pop up for the customer all the time and in different ways. The job of a subscription, and what we aim to do for Vindicia clients, is to look beyond everyday delivery, and dig deep into the moments when consumers organically tap into the subscription for myriad reasons. Then, we aim to make all those organic moments smoother, stress free, satisfying, and delightful.

It’s the difference between, “I’m hungry, let’s eat!”, and “I’m hungry, but what do I feel like eating? What hunger am I trying to fill? What is the one food that will satisfy me right now?”

That’s the trend the world is seeing today – the horizontal customer experience, made up of a magnitude of organic moments waiting to be satisfied.

The new Vindicia: Many experiences, one story

At Vindicia, in 2022, we’re telling a new story – one that goes horizontal. It includes all Vindicia products and combines them into one unified ecosystem that supports our customers as they create next-gen subscription models and delightful personalized experiences for their user journeys. That’s what will build consumer confidence and trust that drives e-commerce growth.

And it’s all based on subscription intelligence, a robust, unprecedented collection of data gathered over Vindicia’s 18 years of activity in the industry.

Next year, we will continue to be the Vindicia that our customers rely on, but now, we’re focusing on growth where it counts. Horizontally.

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