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July 28, 2016 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

How to communicate a change in policies

Businesses using a subscription billing platform have to update the various agreements they have with customers from time to time. Some make alterations more frequently than others, but no company is spared from having to change its privacy policy, terms of service or similar agreements. Such updates might stem from a change in business strategy, revised company goals, new technological uses and requirements and more. Regardless, it's the company's duty to effectively inform customers of these adjustments. Properly communicating policy changes reduces customer frustration, thereby minimizing churn. Below are the various channels you can use as well as what to keep in mind when relaying information:

"The subject line of your email should grab attention."


This is the easiest and most efficient way to inform the maximum number of customers. The subject line of your email should grab attention - statements like "Notice" or "ToS Update" are appropriate. The body of the message should contain formal language so people know to take the announcement seriously. You can be casual if it suits your demographic, of course. For example, Snapchat, whose user base is made primarily of teens and young adults, released an easy-to-read, jargon-free statement announcing their updated Terms of Service.


Social media is great for customer engagement and interaction. Schedule periodic announcements for times when your profiles see the highest number of viewers, whether that's during the morning commute, lunch or after work. This also provides a platform for customers to ask questions before any changes take place.

Web page

Every page of your website should have a distinct notice that alerts people to changes in your policy. You don't want this notice to take up too much space on the page, however, and you still want online visitors to easily find the information they need. A simple banner above the top navigation or one that stays as the reader scrolls down the page will suffice. This banner should let people know a policy change is taking place, list the date the changes will go into effect and provide a link for customers to learn more.

Billing statement

Whether you bill customers by email or through the postal system, adding a quick note to each statement helps reinforce any policy changes and keeps them at the forefront of customer's minds.

Choose what method is best for your customers

As CIO.com indicated, the best channel for communicating with subscribers is whichever one they prefer most. No channel works best for everyone, so be sure to ask each customer which method of contact they prefer.

Overall, your messages must be clear and transparent. Hiding aspects of your new policies you think will be poorly received might sound good in theory, but it's also very risky. Customers who find these hidden elements only lose trust in your business and will likely cancel their contracts or subscriptions.

Additionally, it's always good to provide value in every message sent to your customers. Reinforcing the benefits of your service, providing usage tips and more all increase engagement with your organization.

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