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July 13, 2012 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Maximize Subscription Billing through Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization in a controlled testing environment is critical for the success of digital businesses, yet many subscription sites are designed with no testing strategy.

Studies shows that roughly 75% of digital businesses do not possess A/B or multivariate test landing pages, and nearly 60% are not testing their subscription offers.

The webinar, Conversion Optimization to Sell More Online: 10 A/B Test Results and Lesson Learned, presented by Justin Rondeau, Chief Evangelist & Editor of WhichTestWon, explains that lack of testing is problematic because “we are not our own customer base and target base,” and therefore cannot simply predict what works and what doesn’t. Further, he suggests that testing gives your business a competitive advantage since so many of your competitors fail to do so.

During the webinar, Justin walks through 10 real life A/B tests and results from some digital leaders offering subscriptions. Watch the webinar to:

  • Learn how a SaaS business grew monthly recurring revenue by 24.2% by testing the rank of price options (high-to-low versus low-to-high).
  • See how a gaming site increased registration completion by 40.1% with simple copy and image variations.
  • Discover how a digital media company (and Vindicia client) recognized a 25% lift in trial conversions by running a radical redesign test on a landing page.
  • Find out how a social networking site saw a 62.6% lift in monthly memberships sold through exit page friction testing.

Plus, see results from six other A/B tests conducted by leading digital businesses offering subscriptions.

If you’ve ever wondered what testing can do to improve your digital business, extend your subscriptions and increase your revenue, this webinar is for you.

> Register and watch on-demand now: Conversion Optimization to Sell More Online: 10 A/B Test Results and Lesson Learned

P.S. If you just can’t get enough of A/B testing, see more examples of A/B tests from some leading websites in Europe and North America selling digital and tangible products and services.

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