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September 15, 2015 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

NFL Sunday Ticket service available to non-DirecTV customers

DirecTV has offered its NFL Sunday Ticket package to anyone with a broadband connection since 2010, but now the company has made the over-the-top content available to a wider audience by providing the service to non-DirecTV customers through a monthly subscription billing plan. While the service still isn't available absolutely everywhere, it is accessible by almost anyone in any city, according to CBS Sports. The service allows NFL fans to watch all Sunday out-of-market games live as well as providing special features that allow fans to watch more games at once and follow specific players closer than they could before. There are a few different options for purchase, all of which have different features and capabilities. 

The primary differences between levels of the service are how the content can be viewed. The basic level, called To Go, is available on mobile devices, tablets and laptops. The next level is called Connected Device. This level allows users to view content via a game system such as Xbox or PlayStation or an Internet-connected TV. The most expensive version of NFL Sunday Ticket, called MAX, is available to any Internet-connected device and it also has a number of premium features, including Red Zone Channel, Direct Fantasy Zone Channel, Short Cuts and streaming to any Internet-connected device.

The different levels of service all feature a monthly payment for the duration of the NFL's season. Prices can range from $49.99 to $89.99 per month. The service is targeted at NFL fans who want to watch the regularly broadcast DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket, but can't have it due to their living situation - meaning consumers who can't have a satellite dish, like people in dorm rooms, apartment buildings, condominiums, etc. According to Deadline Hollywood, DirecTV offers a special student discount for people attending a four-year university. Previously DirecTV made this offer only to a select few universities. This offer could make the subscription service a success with college students.

For DirecTV customers
For existing DirecTV customers, getting NFL Sunday Ticket is even easier. They can simply activate it from their DirecTV account. The price of the service for DirecTV customers ranges from $41.99 per month for the basic package and $58.99 per month for NFL Sunday Ticket MAX. Whether you purchase the basic or MAX version of the service, you're locked in for 6 months. Certain games that are broadcast on local FOX or CBS affiliate programs may not appear on NFL Sunday Ticket and will have to be viewed via the affiliate channel, according to DirecTV's website.

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