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June 1, 2022 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Pride Month at Vindicia: we see you

As June approaches, here at Vindicia we are gearing up once again for Pride Month 2022. But the truth is, that for us, Pride is not just a campaign or slogan. It’s the way we relate to and respect the diversity of our employees, partners, and customers. And it’s the way we include and accept everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, or ability. The essence of Pride is who we are, every day of every year.

Nevertheless, we are celebrating Pride Month and the complete rainbow of characters who make up the wonderful Vindicia tapestry – this year, in a new way.

Diversity, inclusion, and…visibility

In Pride Month 2022, we are moving a step forward from diversity and inclusion, and embracing the concept of “visibility.”

We want the world to know that Vindicia sees every individual for who they are, and by focusing on visibility, we foster a culture that acknowledges all and gives everyone their rightful place.

Updating our stand

At Vindicia, it’s our beloved custom to update our logo during Pride Month, and this year, we are going for a new look that includes the trans flag colors, reflecting our new commitment to visibility of all.

We are truly a multicultural, multi-gender, and multi-orientation company, with offices spanning Canada, India, the UK, and Israel, celebrating Diwali, Christmas, and Passover alike. We celebrate pride, because we celebrate you, wherever you came from, however you identify, whoever you are.

Vindicia Pride logo

This is us

We are all different and the same, worthy and wonderful, diverse and included, and most of all visible. This is Vindicia, during Pride and forever.

Happy Pride Month!

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