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September 10, 2012 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Quote to Cash (Q2C) in the Cloud

The most important goal for any business that wants to stay in business is to get paid.

Depending on the type of business, collecting payments can be complicated and slow. Technology has significantly improved the ability to get paid quickly and painlessly, at least most of the time. By taking credit/debit cards, a business can get paid in a matter of minutes, or at the most, hours. In some cases, to ensure payment, a business will offer a discount for early payments or payments by cash.

The longest delay in the purchase process is the wait time between providing a quote to a customer, then having them agree to it. This delay is often magnified by back-office infrastructure and a lack of seamless transaction integration. Delays may continue as the product or service becomes larger and more expensive. The quicker the quote is signed, the faster the transaction is completed.

The process itself is actually very simple. A quote is generated, the customer reads it, there is some negotiation and the customer signs off. But that simple process becomes much more complex when the systems involved come in to play. How do I create a quote? Where does the quoting application reside? What CRM tool do I use? How do I create a bill or invoice? How many systems do I need to use to close this deal? How do I modify a price if I hit my discount threshold? Maybe it’s just easier to do with the old paper-driven process? Ugh!

Wasn’t technology supposed to make this all easier? Technology can simplify the process when the right solution is used. If a business already has Salesforce in place to manage deal flow and CRM, then they can add a Q2C application within the AppExchange environment and the back-office integration challenge is solved.

Vindicia CashBox for Salesforce provides the complete quote-to-cash solution. No paper, no printing, no waiting for signatures. The whole quote process now takes just minutes and is all done in the cloud. Automated processes on the back-end simplify operations and reporting, so businesses can focus on their core product or service and not waste time shuffling paper and keying data into systems. CashBox for SalesForce helps digital businesses accomplish their most important task – to get paid.

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