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October 3, 2012 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Revenue Opportunities for SaaS Businesses: Two New White Papers

With the subscription business model expanding across numerous consumer and business categories, companies are searching for ways to optimize their operations for this sea of change.

We've certainly highlighted our convictions in webinars and Best Practice Guides on what companies can do to improve their revenue and profit growth via online subscriptions.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) market is no different in this regard. However, there are many less recognized ways to increase customer acquisition, retention, and ultimately margins as a SaaS company. To that end, we've written two white papers that we believe will help every SaaS company identify improvement areas across their organization. The first white paper, "SaaS Revenue Growth Without Compromise" highlights seven areas where SaaS companies can create additional revenue opportunities via improved customer loyalty. This advice includes advice such as:

  • Prioritizing sales targets by subscriber "worthiness"
  • Measuring customer usage to influence pricing and packaging
  • Providing dynamic offer management capabilities

A core part of what we do at Vindicia is engage our clients in periodic business reviews in which we discuss very specific tactical and strategic opportunities to increase their online revenues. We have collated insights that we've gleaned from these reviews and shared those in a second white paper, entitled "Uncovering Critical Revenue Drivers", that discusses specific SaaS examples around

  • How cohort analyses can influence pricing decisions
  • Reducing buy page friction

and much more. There is enormous opportunity for SaaS companies to optimize customer acquisition and retention. We hope these two white papers will aid in that quest.

White Paper #1: SaaS Revenue Growth Without Compromise: 7 Secrets

White Paper #2: Uncovering Critical Revenue Drivers: A Custom SaaS Business Analysis

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