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July 31, 2012 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Simplifying Back Office Integration

Reduce time and cost while simplifying the entire integration process. Quickly connect systems.

It’s challenging enough for most digital businesses to build and capture their revenue streams but once they have done that it is often even more time consuming and expensive to ‘move’ those transactions to their back office systems. How does a digital business connect these transactions to their accounting, CRM, procurement, analytic or other systems? Most attempts are time consuming and costly and require integrations to each one which further strains IT resources, budgets and defocuses from the core business.

CashBox DataBridge, launched today, has been developed to specifically address these challenges as a SaaS integration service that speeds up the integration of CashBox with more than 160 popular business systems, like Netsuite, SAP, Oracle and QuickBooks.

By leveraging the preconfigured integrations that CashBox DataBridge includes, digital businesses can now will free up developer resources and quickly gain the benefits and productivity of SaaS products and solutions.

CashBox DataBridge lets you take customer, revenue, and transaction data and quickly put it to use within your accounting, finance, customer service, or marketing management systems, accelerating your ability to make critical decisions for your digital business.

We continue to introduce new products and product enhancements to our flagship CashBox product line around the twin themes of customer acquisition and retention. To learn more please contact us.

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