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July 2, 2015 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Sling TV goes out for the third time

Sling TV customers were upset Monday night when the OTT service experienced its third major outage, according to FierceCable. The streaming platform was out for several hours and affected users across a variety of platforms including game consoles, computers and mobile devices. When viewers tried to call customer support, they had to wait up to 45 minutes to get someone on the line.

Sling TV took to Twitter that night to assure its customers the problem would be fixed as soon as possible.

"Sling TV experienced its third outage on Monday."

"We're aware some users are currently experiencing issues. Our team is working diligently to resolve the problem. Stay tuned for updates," the company wrote.

The OTT service has had more difficulties than other streaming providers, like Netflix and Hulu, because it streams live channel feeds.

In April, many Sling TV subscribers struggled to view the season premiere of "Games of Thrones," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Some experienced delays while others couldn't log onto their accounts at all.

Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch confronted the issue in a blog post later that night. "Any stumbles tonight? A few," he wrote. "Most notably, we heard of (and experienced for ourselves) some Roku devices taking too long to load our app. Our teams are actively addressing this issue."

In his post, Lynch also mentioned how much Sling TV improved its service since launching in February. "Where we truly improved was among those who may have experienced streaming errors in the past - we saw tremendous gains," he explained.

Sling TV's outage calls attention to the fact that the quality and reliability of your product is essential for increasing revenue and retaining your customer base. If your company receives revenue from a subscription billing model, make sure your product is reliable so that it doesn't experience outages.

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