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June 25, 2012 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Subscription Management: Musings From London

Last week, we hosted the London edition of our Roundtable Series. The food at the Ivy: très, très bien. In addition, there were plenty of fascinating conversations with digital businesses spanning SaaS to gaming to the music markets.

A term that a couple of people volunteered as part of our conversations intrigued me: subscription management. It wasn’t so much the term itself that was interesting, but what people meant by it.

The term, to the people who used it, was broader than the actual act of billing. Subscription management included the management of the customer through the lifecycle of their relationship with you (“CRM“); the sometimes frustrating process of pricing and packaging; the concept of implementing campaigns; the critical yet underappreciated value of testing, and other topics that are influenced by and influence core billing. The billing was the “easy” part; it was all the other components that gave them grief.

That’s part of the reason we think of all these components as fundamental to a marketing and billing solution like CashBox. It isn’t just about doing subscription billing, it’s about management of the rest of the customer acquisition and retention process that brings the big business benefits to digital businesses.

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