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September 28, 2016 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

Vindicia and Amdocs: Powering the Digital Economy Together

Vindicia recently had the good fortune to join forces with Amdocs, the market leader in customer experience software solutions and services for the world’s largest communications, entertainment and media service providers.

This is a very exciting time for us. Personally, I am grateful for the tremendous work of the entire Vindicia team and the support of our investors in reaching this amazing milestone. But the journey is not over. It is just beginning.

And it couldn’t be happening at a better time. There is increasing strategic need for carriers of all type—cable companies, phones companies, wireless companies—to offer additional services to the market. A telecom provider, for instance, is likely to see great value in offering ancillary services such as home security systems or over-the-top (OTT) content to its customer base.

Amdocs realized that many of its customers were figuring out how to quickly go to market with these new services and do things differently than they’ve done in the past. For these providers, an efficient and flexible billing system is absolutely fundamental. But building a next-generation system is a massive undertaking, not a weekend project for the software engineers.

It doesn’t make sense for companies to spend their time, money and technical resources trying to develop their own digital billing system—especially when they can take advantage of a feature-rich, cloud-based subscription billing services right out of the box.

As a market-leading provider of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) billing solution, Vindicia makes it easy and frictionless for digital enterprises to onboard customers and process payments for digital content, OTT entertainment, online subscriptions and much more. Our cloud-based subscription billing platform reinvents business models and helps customers explore new revenue opportunities. And our ultra-fast time to market allows customers to easily experiment with various service offerings and pricing schemes to quickly introduce offers and attract new users.

The ability to offer a wide variety of pricing options for new services is critical. You might find that your original price is too high and quickly has to be scaled back. What started out as one or two pricing models quickly morphs into one or two hundred. The reality is that, to grow your new service offerings, you need a tremendous amount of leeway to offer a broad range of pricing plans to attract new subscribers and to prevent existing subscribers from leaving.

That’s the power of Vindicia. And, by teaming with Amdocs, we are stronger than ever.

As a nimble startup, you sometimes have to pick and choose the opportunities you want to pursue. And you might not always have all the resources you’d like at your disposal. But, as part of the Amdocs family, we are now in an enviable position to fully capitalize on the biggest opportunities in front of us. We are thrilled to join with Amdocs as we continue this incredible journey together.

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