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August 29, 2018 | Authored by: Kevin Cancilla

Vindicia named to Constellation Shortlist of top vendors for smart services digital monetization

There’s nothing quite like being recognized as an industry leader. That’s why we’re thrilled to report that Vindicia was just named to Constellation Research’s Shortlist of top vendors for Smart Services Digital Monetization Platforms in Q3 2018. As one of only a handful of vendors included in this latest Constellation Shortlist, Vindicia offers the key requirements for companies in the digital economy to increase revenue from subscription services and enhance customer retention.

Constellation evaluated over 25 solutions categorized in the Smart Services Digital Billing market. The firm selected Vindicia as an industry leader based on conversations with early adopters, briefings with vendors and partners, customer references, and independent analysis and internal research.

The Constellation Shortlist is designed to provide buyers of technology a list of offerings to consider in their pursuit of digital transformation. As an award-winning, Silicon Valley-based strategic advisory and futurist analyst firm, Constellation believes the emergence of the subscription economy coupled with digital business models is driving the creation of a new type of solution known as Smart Services Digital Billing.

The firm is convinced that legacy billing systems lack the ability to support subscriptions, consumption-based models, and one-time transactions. By contrast, Smart Services Digital Monetization Platforms like Vindicia CashBox provide a billing solution for organizations operating untraditional business models in today’s subscription economy.

In fact, Constellation believes Smart Services Digital Billing will support business models built on smart services for IoT, blockchain consensus and sharing economies.

“Boardrooms and their executive suites must be cognizant of the business extinction events and the exponential technologies that will transform their industries,” said R “Ray” Wang, chairman and founder at Constellation Research. “Each Constellation ShortList, researched and curated by our analysts, guides early adopters in identifying the right technologies to support new business models and improve engagement.  Leaders now have a list of the top technology partners who can co-innovate and co-create with customers to thrive and dominate digital disruption.”

At Vindicia, we are the Subscription People, dedicated to providing our clients with the most innovative subscription billing and recurring payment solutions, so they can optimize their online business models and maximize their recurring revenue. We are extremely honored to be recognized for our achievements and included in the latest Constellation Shortlist.

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Kevin Cancilla

Kevin Cancilla

Kevin was a Head of Global Marketing at Vindicia. Kevin is an industry veteran with extensive experience in strategic marketing for enterprise software companies and SaaS-based businesses. His 15-plus-year track record includes developing integrated multi-channel marketing programs and partnerships that yield financial results, expand the customer base, increase market share, and build brand affinity. Prior to joining Vindicia, Kevin held senior marketing positions at STEALTHbits Technologies, Tripwire, Epicor, Baan, and Adobe Systems. He holds a BSBM degree in marketing and business management from the University of Phoenix.