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March 29, 2010 | Authored by: Vindicia Team

We pay you

I was chatting with Sanjay today and we were reviewing some monthly retention metrics for our clients.

Just on the additional retention we create for our clients and with the simple assumption of more than $1M in annual revenues, our client’s first year on CashBox is net free or better. In the second year we’ll be paying our clients to use CashBox. That includes our client’s internal cost to implement CashBox and migrate existing subscribers. When you add in recovered chargebacks, PCI cost savings, broader payment method support, tax service savings, and no gateway charges, we’re usually paying our customers to use CashBox in the first 6 months.

And we’re not just paying our clients in dollars. We’re paying them in the currency of compound interest created by longer customer lives.

“Freemium” anyone?

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