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Leading with a strong hand - top 10 women leaders in cloud 2022

Mar 29, 2022 | By IEra-womenleaders.com

Rima Khoury, Vice President of Engineering, Vindicia, is a hands-on technical leader with over 21 years of software development experience, including 14 years in the subscription and payments industry. Rima holds the Vindicia’s Retain product patent and is one of the original programmers and inventors. She’s a passionate leader with a learner mindset who understands what needs to be changed and inspires others with a clear vision. She is very resilient and gets constant energy from extreme challenges.

Rima, along with her husband, has always been a small business owner, and she understands the struggles they go through. “I also understand that it’s even tougher for female business owners to establish themselves that’s why I try to do my part in every opportunity I get, whether it’s small gesture of appreciation; getting my cup of chai from the small bagel shop vs. the big chain next door, presenting new opportunities or making an impactful introduction, everything makes a difference,” says Rima. She leads by example; not only does she guide and mentor the team when needed, but she also provides resources and tools to make their own decisions. She delivers honest, constructive feedback to help the team improve and set expectations and goals. Rima is a big believer in positive reinforcement.

Leading with a strong hand - top 10 women leaders in cloud 2022

For Rima, success is doing what she loves and getting rewarded for it, and she has been lucky enough to choose a challenging and rewarding career at the same time. “As far as advice, I would say dream big but make sure you have plans to take one step at a time. Sometimes it’s hard to see something as achievable without having a clear vision and plan of how to accomplish that, but I’ve learned that tackling big achievements happens by taking one step at a time towards a goal that you enjoy pursuing, and that’s how you find success.”

According to Rima, demands from personal and professional commitments can be very challenging, so knowing how to balance both and not to abandon either is a form of art. “The family expects me to be a mother and wife, while the business requires me to be the leader and show commitment. I’ve been very lucky enough to have the support of my family to become a successful leader, and to have a career with flexible hours where I can attend a school event or family needs during the day and work at night or weekends instead. That’s the beauty of being in engineering.”

She adds, “We can’t ignore how challenging the past couple of years has been on everyone in general and on women in particular, especially those with young children. As leaders, it’s important to delegate strategically and take care of our employees and their mental health. We have to make sure they progress in their career, learn, advance, get challenged and deliver yet still have a work life balance. That’s a key for acquiring and keeping great talent.” Armed with a unique ideology, Rima has been taking the company to new heights.

Earlier this year, Vindicia moved its products to the public cloud. It took tremendous effort and great teamwork to make it happen seamlessly. Vindicia has a very complicated platform and business needs with real-time transactions. Moving to the cloud meant that everything had to be planned down to the minute and the team delivered according to the plan without any customer impact! This helps with scalability, security, reliability & availability.

The company’s complete SaaS-based subscription management and recurring payment platform allows merchants to maximize the subscription and recurring revenue and retain customers longer by implementing frictionless payment facilities and payment methods that reduce subscriber churn. They leverage detailed analytics and subscription intelligence to understand subscribers and key consumer trends better.

Rima is excited about enhancing their Subscribe and Retain products for the near future! Vindicia will leverage the data that must be continuously improved to increase success rates and reduce passive churn. Vindicia will use artificial intelligence and machine learning heavily to deliver business insights, automate tasks, and advance system capabilities. Their goal is to increase customer satisfaction, increase revenue for their merchants, and optimize existing business services by offering a unique and differentiated state-of-the-art SaaS billing platform.

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