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The Numbers Game

Aug 17, 2011 | By Fourth Source

Online marketers often think of customer acquisition as more of an art than a science.

That shouldn’t be an excuse, however, for failing to take a hard look at the numbers to better understand the success of your marketing efforts.

Getting to know your customer has always been at the heart of marketing, and marketers now have the tools and technologies to take a more rigorous, data-based approach to the task. Online retailers can now gain an unprecedented level of insight through some basic information that they can collect about their customers, tracked according to key metrics.

Much of the relevant data naturally comes from sales, with integrated marketing and payment systems making it easier than ever to acquire useful information. Beyond sales, the way your company goes about collecting customer data may be specific to your sector. For example, social networks have access to detailed demographic information, while online games publishers keep detailed information on player usage and community interactions…

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