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Vindicia Launches Cashbox

Sep 10, 2014

100 New Ways to Keep Customers Connected to Their Subscriptions; First Engine to Support Amazon Recurring Payments

REDWOOD SHORES, CA – September 10, 2014 – Vindicia, Inc., the leading billing platform connecting customers to subscriptions they love and companies to the recurring revenues they need, today unveils their new Vindicia® CashBox® Fall 2014 release. In an era where consumers increasingly rely on subscriptions for everything from entertainment to curated wine selections, Vindicia’s CashBox engine has added a hundred new ways to help companies connect with new subscribers and make existing customers happy -- expanding revenue opportunities, increasing loyalty, and reducing churn for greater profitability.

Vindicia’s Cashbox Fall 2014 release is designed to bring customer satisfaction and predictable revenue to Over-the-Top (OTT) media -- industry jargon for bundles of digital content streamed over the internet to multiple devices and screens.

“Today’s consumers expect their content -- whether it’s ‘their’ show, music, game or movie -- whenever and wherever they want it, and streaming media companies see consumer subscriptions as a smart way to build both revenue and customer satisfaction,” said Gene Hoffman, Vindicia CEO. “Subscriptions have become the middle path, between one-off purchases and pirated content, that keeps everyone happy and connected; and Vindicia is the invisible hand that makes consumer subscriptions work. We keep innovating to help companies perfect that always-on, always-accessible experience for their consumers.”

“Our goal is to be the Netflix of the magazine world,” said Morgan Guenther, CEO of Next Issue Media. “As we continue to amass the best collection of the most-read and most-requested magazine titles available to subscribers today, Vindicia enables us to bring our readers uninterrupted access to their magazines, which is a crucial part of their user experience, especially as we pioneer this new media model.”

CashBox is a subscription billing platform for online merchants that offloads the complex task of setting up a recurring payment system by covering the entire gamut of payment options and issues. CashBox combines marketing, security and billing -- along with its proprietary ART Advanced Retention Technology™ system and Account Updater technologies -- into a single platform to strengthen the fundamentals of subscription profitability: customer acquisition and retention.

“People think ‘payments’ sound boring, but CashBox is pivotal to consumer brands’ success,” said Doug Smith, Vindicia’s Senior Vice President of Client Services. “CashBox has become a customer service technology, one that ensures our clients -- like Carbonite, DirectTV, FreedomPop, Intuit, NASCAR Digital Media, and Vimeo -- never falter in giving their members a consistent, secure and simple subscription sign-up and recurring billing experience. Which means that their customers never have reason to question or cancel.”

CashBox Fall ‘14 Release highlights include:

  • Seasonal Scalability and Agility: CashBox Fall ‘14 release makes it easy to scale quickly for event-related upticks and surges in subscribers (like Christmas morning, new product releases, March Madness, NASCAR or the World Cup), easily add payment options, or customize billing and reports focused on specific issues like security or retention.
  • Amazon Payments Support: CashBox is the first commercially available cloud-based, SaaS subscription billing platform to offer Amazon Payments’ newly launched recurring payments, and access to Amazon’s 240+million customers:  CashBox merchants can now offer subscribers the option of using their Amazon credentials for recurring payments, with the ability to track payments to multiple merchants, view bills and manage merchant authorizations on the Amazon Payments website.
  • Streamlined User Communications: For customers who subscribe to multiple products, CashBox provides clearer communications, offering up-to-date information about multiple products in a single account within a single email.
  • Go-to-Market Flexibility (includes campaign-related enhancements): Create, test, and run campaigns with time-based promotions with ease and flexibility. CashBox lets merchants get creative with seasonal offers and products, to see what works and for whom, and try campaigns with new billing approaches like “installment” or “seasonal” billing plans. Easily repeat the offer next season, or even automate it.
  • Finance, Tax and Fraud Headaches Eased: CashBox now includes the industry-leading Avalara technology as its integrated tax engine, to help companies calculate, collect, and remit transactional taxes as part of the billing platform, streamlining tax compliance across all markets served.

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Vindicia brings enterprise-class innovation to consumer-facing subscription billing to help digital companies acquire more customers and keep them by making payments seamless, secure and easy. Vindicia keeps customers connected to the subscription services they value, and companies connected to the subscription revenues they rely on. For more information on Vindicia, visit www.vindicia.com. Follow us on Twitter @vindicia, "Like" us on facebook/vindicia, and read our blog at www.vindicia.com/blog.