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Beyond the bundle: Defining the future of digital experiences | Caretta Research Report

In this definitive guide, Caretta Research explores how super-aggregation is rapidly gaining market traction as it goes far beyond traditional bundling to deliver value-added benefits for everyone involved, including consumers, platform operators, and streaming and app providers. While brands have been creating bundles for years, super-aggregation goes much further by combining:

  • An integrated user experience, bringing together a diverse range of content and digital services under one virtual roof with a consistent user interface.
  • Unified, personalized search and discovery, allowing consumers to find what they want without needing to know where it is.
  • Simplified transactions across all content and services with unified subscriptions, single sign-on, and entitlement management.

Download this actionable report today and learn how your company and your customers can benefit from a super-aggregation digital experience.