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ROI of up to 522% in Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Study of Vindicia Retain

Forrester reveals a customer ROI of up to 522% and total benefits over $24 million over three years for Vindicia’s customer retention solution.

Read this study to learn how several customers used Retain to recapture lost revenue, extend customer lifecycle value, and deliver a better customer experience worldwide — while ensuring operational efficiencies at a lower cost.

Vindicia commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study to evaluate Vindicia Retain’s cost of ownership and return on investment across a variety of factors.

See how Retain can help B2C companies achieve:

  • Realize a 3-year ROI of 522% (break even in less than six months)
  • Go live in an average of six weeks
  • Extend customer lifecycle value by up to a possible five months
  • 15% improvement in customer service and recovery payment team efficiencies
  • Total benefits of over $24 million over three years

A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned by Vindicia February 2022.