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Keep my customer | nScreenMedia

Why consumers subscribe to, stay with, cancel, and come back to online video services

Vindicia commissioned nScreenMedia to delve into US and UK consumer relationships with streaming video services and their viewing behaviors. The result is the detailed research study Keep My Customer – Why Consumers Subscribe to, Stay with, Cancel, and Come Back to Online Video Services.

The study surveyed 1,000 consumers in the US and 500 in the UK, all of whom use streaming video services. The results included:

  • 70% of households in the US and 40% of UK homes have a subscription to at least one streaming video service
  • The average viewer in the U.S. subscribes to 3.4 streaming services and pays an average of $8.53 per service
  • Discounted offerings are an under-exploited opportunity for service providers
  • Involuntary customer cancellations are a serious industry problem – over a quarter of US and a third of UK subscribers had their service canceled due to a credit card problem

Download you free copy of this research study today and gain valuable insights into US and UK online video subscriber viewing behaviors.