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How to boost customer retention and revenues by slashing passive churn

Business-to-consumer (B2C) subscription companies focus on two key areas as growth drivers: acquisition and retention. You win customers with advertising, promotions, free trials, etc. But your growth and profit come from retention. Even small monthly increases in retention can lead to huge gains in subscribers and revenue over time. Churn is the enemy, and “passive churn” is an often misunderstood area that is frequently neglected, resulting in unnecessary loss of customers and revenue.

Our eBook will help you understand how you can dramatically increase retention and revenue by fully addressing passive churn. Topics include:

  • What causes passive churn?
  • Steps to prevent passive churn
  • How to optimize recovery of failed payment transactions
  • Six drawbacks of the do-it-yourself approach
  • Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study

Download our informative eBook today and learn how to cut passive churn and boost ongoing revenue streams.