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Retention Powerhouse: Overcoming the churn barrier

Boosting retention and taking the next steps for business growth

Subscription businesses are grounded in the importance of providing continuous value for recurring revenue. As subscription businesses expand, their focus inevitably centers on lowering acquisition costs, gaining market share, and sustaining growth. Yet one top priority that is often lost in the mix is customer retention.

A small increase in your retention rate can have a huge impact on your bottom line over time. An increase of just 5% in your monthly retention rate can increase your customer base by 40% after 24 months. Retention is the key to unlocking massive growth. 

However, it takes more than lip service paid to retention. Your business will need a strategic approach to experience, engagement, and nurturing to create loyalty and forge long-term customer relationships. Download this actionable eBook today and learn about subscription-focused strategies and tools that will allow you to accomplish these important goals.