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How to choose a payment processor for your subscription-based business

As a digital business relying on subscription billing, choosing the right payment processor may be one of the most important decisions you make. Many businesses, especially ones built on a subscription or recurring revenue business model, find this out the hard way. It may seem like a fairly simple task: find a processor that offers a combination of the lowest possible fees and easiest connectivity. But basing a decision on just those criteria can have a devastating impact on your bottom line.

To make the proper determination, you need to perform the kind of due diligence that leaves no stone unturned. You should view the process in terms of selecting a partner, not a vendor, because the payment processing artery through which your subscription billing lifeblood flows needs to be cooperatively maintained by both you and your processor.

This comprehensive white paper will help you choose the payment processor that's right for your business. Topics include:

  • Payment processor terminology
  • The art and science of recurring billing
  • Eight best practices your payment provider should support
  • Understanding and negotiating the acquirer’s offer

Download this valuable resource today. Your subscription business success may depend on it.