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Vindicia brings enterprise-class innovation to your subscription billing process

Superior customer acquisition and retention leads to increased revenue but can also lead to increased systems complexities. Vindicia Subscribe removes these issues with proven reliability and scale, all while maintaining the highest PCI Level 1 and SSAE-16 services provider standards.

  • What is PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

    PSD2 stands for Payment Services Directive 2. It takes effect on September 14, 2019. This regulation impacts subscription businesses whose acquirer is in the European Union (EU) or acquirer has EU license and which are transacting online with customers' credit card whose issuer is also in the EU. PSD2 applies to all online transactions, including payments made via credit cards and alternative payment methods, subject to certain exemptions (see European Payment Council document for comprehensive details and requirements). While many alternative payment methods may already be PSD2-compliant (e.g., Apple Pay and Google Pay), others may not yet be PSD2 compliant (e.g., PayPal). The main requirement of PSD2 is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). SCA requires that new subscribers go through a 3DSv2 process when purchasing online. This process serves to verify (or "authenticate") the subscriber’s identity and that they are the valid holder of the credit card they’re using to complete their purchase.

  • What is Selling and Marketing automation?

    Selling and marketing automation represents how a digital business optimizes customer acquisition and retention through capabilities that span marketing, customer relationship management, and billing. The goal of selling and marketing automation is to build online revenue.

  • Is Vindicia a payment processor or acquirer?

    No, Vindicia is not a payment processor or acquirer. From a payment flow perspective, Vindicia acts as a gateway that connects to the payment processor / acquirer of choice for the digital business. This gateway functionality is a very small part of the overall Vindicia Subscribe solution as a marketing, CRM and billing platform.

  • Do I need a merchant account with a payment processor or an acquirer?

    Yes. Vindicia Subscribe integrates directly into the most popular payment processors and alternative payment processors like PayPal, inComm and BOKU. Our clients maintain control over their relationship with their payment processors and give us permission to submit transactions on their behalf.

  • Do I need a gateway to use your service?

    gateway provides a connection to your payment processor. Vindicia Subscribe has a native gateway so you do not have to purchase a separate gateway service.

  • Which payment processors does Vindicia Subscribe platform support today?

    Vindicia Subscribe currently supports:

    • Amazon Payments
    • American Express
    • Authorize.Net
    • Bitnet
    • Chase
    • Coinbase
    • CyberSource
    • First Data
    • GoCardless
    • Ingenico ePayments
    • Merchant e-Solutions
    • MOLPay
    • PayPal
    • Qualpay
    • SmartDebit
    • TSYS
    • Vantiv
    • WorldPay
  • What fraud management capabilities are included in Vindicia Subscribe?

    What fraud management capabilities are included in Vindicia Subscribe for a digital business, compared with the fraud management capabilities for a tangible goods business?

    For digital businesses, the cost of a fraudulent transaction is significantly lower than the cost of a false positive. The risk scoring inside of Vindicia Subscribe is able to calculate the overall probable risk of chargeback for each transaction throughout the screening process. We help our clients strike that delicate balance of fraud screening allowing for an aggressive customer acquisition strategy while still managing to keep fraud at appropriate levels.

  • What is the difference between true fraud and friendly fraud?

    True fraud is when fraud is committed with malicious intent. For example, when a credit card is stolen and then used to make unauthorized purchases, it is considered true fraud.

    When a customer uses their credit card to purchase a good or service, and then issues a chargeback for that transaction, friendly fraud occurs.

  • How do virtual currencies work?

    virtual currency is a currency designed for games, online communities, online content, social networks or dating sites. It is purchased by using real money and redeemed by purchasing virtual items involved with games, communities, content or social sites.

  • What are microtransactions and how can they save me money?

    Microtransactions are low dollar-value transactions. Visa defines a microtransaction as anything less than $20. However, with the rise of virtual items and paying for online content, this amount has typically been lowered to transactions of $1 or less. This type of transaction increases transaction fees and increases costs to digital businesses. Using virtual currency and integrating eWallet technology to bundle customer purchases into larger transactions can lower your transaction costs, saving you money.

  • How do virtual currencies help save digital businesses money?

    Virtual currencies lower transaction costs for businesses. Selling higher value blocks of virtual currency that can be used instead of real currency for all microtransactions can save digital businesses money. It does so by lowering the number of transactions you are paying to process, while also increasing the amount spent by your customer.

  • What is an eWallet, and will this technology help me save money?

    An eWallet is much like an actual wallet—it keeps your customer’s currency in a bundled virtual form and allows them to purchase virtual goods with this virtual currency. This way, you can process a single larger transaction versus processing multiple smaller transactions. This gives customers the opportunity to pay you a larger amount and then decide what to buy with the credits later. Integrating eWallet technology will save you a lot in processing fees for transactions under $10. Vindicia Subscribe supports eWallets and can manage your customers’ balances.

  • How will Vindicia use our customer’s data?

    We will use your customers’ data primarily for calculating ROI and business reviews for you. This information will help find ways to increase your customer acquisition and retention, which will in turn create longer customer lifetime value and higher revenues for you. We also use aggregate data to inform chargeback risk scores and help optimize our Advanced Retry Logic algorithms.

  • How does Vindicia protect our customer’s data?

    Vindicia takes privacy very seriously and is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and audited for SSAE 16 compliance. We also have backup servers off-site in the event of a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstance.